Monday, April 16, 2012

Hagelin Gets Three Games? Carkner Gets One?

Saturday night's game between the Rangers and the Senators took an ugly turn just two minutes into the game when Carkner, who only dressed for Ottawa to take out Boyle, blindsided Boyle and then sucker punched him, and took him to the ground. Carkner continued to throw punches while Boyle covered his face for protection.Later in that game Carl Hagelin finished his check on Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson, and got his elbow up into Alfredsson's head. Alfredsson did not return to the game. Hagelin received a five minute major , and no misconduct. Hagelin and Carkner both had hearings with the NHL Sunday afternoon and suspensions were handed out. Hagelin gets three games and zcarkner gets one game. This decision is the reverse of what I thought was going to happen. Shanhan described Hagelin as lining Alfredsson up and recklessly going at him and hitting him into the boards. I watched the hit by Hagelin and all I saw was him get his arms up high on the hit. Alfredsson had possession of the puck and just cleared it when Hagelin came in for the check. I may be wrong but isn't that hockey? The only reckless part of it was that Hagelin got his arms up high. It was a clearly a hockey play. Shanahan and the NHL reallly need to re-consider how they are going about how they discipline the players. She a Weber took Henrik Zetterberg's head and slammed it into the glass like he was slamming his head into a turnbuckle in the wrestling ring. Carkner "assaults" Boyle, and I use the word assault because that's what it was, and gets a one game suspension. But Hagelin, he gets the multiple game suspension for following through on a check and getting his arms up high. This a a bad blow to the Rangers lineup. If the Rangers are smart they will just continue to play their kind of hockey that got them this point. Let the Senators send their "goons" out to cheap shot them, if the Rangers want to be physical with Ottawa, like I think they should, it needs to be clean and no stupid penalties.

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