Friday, April 20, 2012

DJ 4K?

Last night Derek Jeter tied Dave Winfield for 18th on the all-time hit list with 3,110 hits. At 37 years of age is it possible that Jeter has a legitimate shot at 4,000 hits? So far this year Jeter is off to one of his best starts in his career. He is hitting .373 with 22 hits, 4 home runs, and 11 RBI. Since his 3,000th hit Jeter has looked like the Jeter of the late 90's and early 2000's. He is seeing the ball better than ever, and he is hitting to the opposite field, and with some power. Jeter has been criticized about getting older and not being able to get to as many balls in the field as he used to. He was also under criticism when he was pressing for his 3,000th hit. It looked like Jeter's bat was slowing down and he wouldn't be able to hit like the Jeter of old. Now Jeter is on a tear, and he makes the plays in the field.

With all of that said, is it such a stretch to say that Jeter can play four or five more years after this season and possibly eclipse 4,000 hits? Like any other player in professional sports, if Jeter can stay healthy and in the lineup, he will give himself a real shot at 4,000 hits. Jeter will most likely have to play until he is 41 or 42 years old, and will have to average between 165 and 200 hits a year, but he won't have to be an every day fielder for the Yankees with young shortstop Eduardo Nunez. If Jeter can continue his hot hitting this year and get to within 750 hits of 4,000 by season's end, the talk might become a little more serious about Jeter joining a club that only two men have joined (Pete Rose, Ty Cobb).

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