Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What has happened to Cory Wade?

What has happened to Cory Wade?

Cory Wade has had an awful June after really stepping up for the Yankees after Mariano Rivera and David Robertson both went down with injuries as Wade was great in the set up role in the Yankees bullpen for much of the early season.

Wades stats for the month of June have been really awful and got even worse in Tuesday nights game where he gave up four runs against the Indians. In June, Wade has pitched 7.1 innings allowing 14 hits, four walks, nine earned runs and three homeruns while only getting three strike outs. Wade saw his ERA for the month end up being a whopping 11.05.

Things have gotten really bad since June 16th in his last five appearances:

June 16 @Washington 0.2 innings 1 hit 1 walk 1 earned run 1HR
June 20 vs. Atlanta 0.1innings 2 hits 1 earned run
June 22 @NYM 1.0 innings 2 hits 1 earned run
June 24 @NYM 0.1 innings 1 hit 1 walk
June 26 vs. Cleveland 0.2 innings 4 hits 4 earned runs 1HR

Wade had a great April and May, as in April he pitched 10.2 innings allowing eight hits, one walk and two earned runs having a 1.69 ERA. In May, Wade went 12.1 innings allowing nine hits, two walks and four earned runs for a 2.92 ERA.

With Wade's sudden drop off it brings the question up of what is wrong with him? Is it just tired arm from a lot of work early in the season, is he possibly hurt, or is this who Wade is. With Joba Chamberlain and David Aardsma still a little ways a way, a roster move seems unlikely right now unless he is hurt and should get a chance to work things out in games like last night where the Yankees have a big lead. Girardi using him in a set up role like before seems very unlikely now.

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