Saturday, May 26, 2012

Knicks J.R. Smith Arrested 5-24

Knicks backup Guard J.R. Smith was arrested Thursday night around 8:30 P.M. in South Beach, Florida.  Smith had a standing bench warrant pending against him, so once the cops realized it was him they arrested him.

The warrant stems from an arrest last year in which Smith was operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license said Sergeant Bobby Hernandez. After Smith did not appear for a court date in July to answer his charges the bench warrant was issued. 

Smith was not engaged in any illegal activity at the time of his arrest Hernandez stated.  Smith was taken to Miami-Dade County jail, where officials say he was let go on bond early Friday morning.

Hernandez also stated that Smith will appear in front of a judge to answer for the charges, but no court date has yet to be announced. 

Smith has a player option for $2.5 million for next season.  It is unclear whether he will exercise that option or opt-out and become a free agent.  The Knicks would like to have him back if they can afford to.  The Bird Rights court hearing in June will have a big impact on the Knicks this off-season as it will dictate where the Knicks are forced to spend their money. 

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