Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7,1943: Giants 0, Lions 0

The New York Giants and the Detroit Lions will forever be connected in NFL history.

On November 7, 1943 the New York Giants traveled to Detroit to take on the Lions. The Giants were 2-2 while the Lions were 3-4. The game itself was a defensive battle,and the offenses were almost non-existent combining for no points in the game.

There was a total of 214 yards in the game between both teams, with Detroit out gaining the Giants 130 yards to 84 yards. Detroit did rush for 102 yards and six first downs, while the Giants rushed for 81 yards and just three first downs.

The Giants would go onto win four of their next five games and finish the regular season 6-3-1 and finished first in the NFL East Division. The Giants would be shutout in the first round by the Washington Redskins 28-0. The Lions would not win another game in 1943 and finished with a 3-6-1 record, good enough for third in the NFL West Division.

Ever since this game, there has never been another scoreless tie in the NFL, and there will never be another scoreless tie. There have been a number of 3-0 games since the 1943 game, including a Monday night game in 2007 between the Steelers and the Dolphins, but that game was played in extreme conditions where the footing was terrible and the players were lucky to be able to run a route.

The evolution of the game of football will most likely prevent us from seeing another scoreless tie in the NFL. The offense's have become so much more advanced, and the introduction of domes prevents a lot of teams in bad weather areas to always play their home games in a friendly environment.

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