Thursday, September 6, 2012

Knicks Unveil New Uniforms

Today the New York Knicks officially unveiled their new jerseys for the upcoming 2012-2013 NBA season.  The new jerseys give a nod to the Knicks glorious championship years, and personally, I really like the new look and am glad the changes were made.

The most notable change that fans will notice was the removing of the side piping on both the jerseys and shorts.  The jersey and shorts are both solid one color now.  There was also a solid color waistband added, blue for home and orange for away jerseys, and the Knicks logo is now on the left leg.

There were more subtle changes made as well, including a more rounded neckline.  On the inside of the collar, there is also a message written that says, “Once a Knick, always a Knick”.

The quote is something that center Tyson Chandler really appreciates.  “This city embraces us,” said the defending Defensive Player of the Year award winner.  “That’s what New York is about.”

The color for the neckline was also changed to a trimmer gray, which stops at the neckline.  The team says it stops at the neckline to accentuate the “New York” across the front of the jersey.
The fonts for the “New York” across the chest and numbers were tweaked as well.  The arch in “New York” was lessened, while the numbers were elongated.  The token logo that used to reside on the back of the jersey has also been replaced in favor of the Knicks “roundball” logo.
 “I love them,” said power forward Amar’e Stoudemire, who was part of the showcase with center Tyson Chandler and former Knicks and hall of famers Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe.  “These jerseys are extremely clean.”

“I like them a lot,” Chandler added.  “They’re really comfortable.”

There is some speculation as to why the changes have been made and one common belief is that it is in response to the Nets move to Brooklyn this season.  There is a chance that could be the reasoning behind the Knicks thinking, but it should be noted that the Knicks did not rip off the Nets new old school look.  The Knicks new jerseys have been in the works for months, even before the Nets new look started to become leaked. 

With all of this being said, it really does not matter what the Knicks are wearing and what they look like; what matters more is that they win.  They could run around the court dressed like Dave Chappelle in his Prince Basketball skit and it wouldn’t matter so long they are winning.  Fans should care more about the results on the scoreboard.

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  1. I actually adore the color combination of the NYK’s new uniform! The plain white with orange and blue is certainly an eye candy for the fans. Anyway, I believe that it really doesn’t matter what the team is wearing, but I guess having a good uniform can build the image of NYK. Well, I bet that the next season will be very exciting, not only for the new uniform of NYK, but also for the action that’s expected on the hardcourt! :D

    -Jennine Stalder-