Thursday, September 27, 2012

Better late than never for the Zebras

It is official, the NFL and NFLRA have agreed on an eight year deal, and will bring the regular referees back to the field this week. After all of the controversy regarding the replacement referees and their ability to officiate a game, fans and players can rest easy this week knowing they will have the regular referees wearing the black and white stripes this week.

Last Monday nights Hail Mary debacle in Seattle seemed to be the last straw for the replacement refs, and put the NFL on the hot seat to get the normal refs back onto the field. As much as we berated the replacement refs for their poor officiating, we also owe them a thank you for giving us the first three weeks of the season, no matter how ugly it looked at times.

With the regular refs back, players and coaches now have to tone down their aggression towards the men in stripes. The replacement refs did not do an efficient job controlling the game, and the players and coaches knew that. The players and coaches crossed the line on occasion and took an unprofessional approach toward the refs, but now with the regular refs returning, there is no room for any behavior that we saw in the first three weeks.

As for the New York Giants, they are excited the refs got back just in time for their Sunday night game in Philadelphia. There have been a number of roughing the passer calls made by the replacement refs that were brought into question, look at the final drive this past Monday night that set up the final Hail Mary. The Giants know Michael Vick is a running quarterback, and the way to get to a quarterback like Vick? Hit him hard and hit him often, and do it legally of course.

So fans, take a deep breathe, make sure your fantasy team is set for week four, and get ready for some football, without the replacement refs. Now instead of complaining about replacement refs calls, fans can complain about the refs they have known and "loved" for so many seasons.

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