Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yankees Trade for Casey McGehee


Yankees Trade for Casey McGehee at Deadline

The New York Yankees didn’t do anything major at the trade deadline, but they did fill a need getting Casey McGehee to fill in at first and third base for the injured Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Teixeira. The price wasn’t very high for McGehee, as Chad Qualls was sent to the Pirates for him. This move seems like a good one as with the return of Joba Qualls would have been off the major league roster soon anyways.

Casey McGehee's best season came in 2010 with the Milwaukee Brewers when McGehee hit .285 with 23 homeruns and 104 RBIs. Casey however has not been very good in the season and a half since then, as this year with the Pirates he is hitting .230 with 8 homeruns, and 35 RBIs.

The big talk of the day was about Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster who the Yankees emerged as a possible suitor for Dempster, with Dempster agreeing if traded that he would go to New York with his 10-5 rights. Dempster ended up going to Texas leaving the Yankees only move of the day being the McGehee trade, but the Yankees big move was for Ichiro a week ago which shouldn’t be forgotten.  

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