Thursday, April 26, 2012

New York Jets Draft Preview: Wide Receiver

The Jets have lacked a real down field threat since parting ways with Braylon Edwards, and even then their down field attack was mediocre. Plaxico Burress was not the receiver the Jets were hoping they were getting. He did have a good season in the red zone but how many catches did he make of twenty yards or more? Santonio Holmes will need help if the Jets are to have a solid air attack.

 It is possible that the Jets could use their first round pick to get a receiver that is a big target for Sanchez to throw to deep. With the 16th pick in the draft the Jets will have their choice of receivers, except for Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon (projected 6th overall).
Michael Floyd ( 6-3 224 lbs.) out of Notre Dame, if available, is a great down field receiver with very strong hands. Floyd had some problems with Notre Dame in his first few year that led to a leave of absence from the team, but it looks like Floyd has turned his attitude around. He is a good deep route runner and he can also go up and get the ball with the best of them. Floyd had 100 catches for 1,147 yards, and 9 touchdowns for the Irish last year.

Kendall Wright (5-10 190 lbs.) is a pure athlete. Wright, who comes from Baylor University, is a smaller receiver than Floyd, but he is a speedy receiver who can easily get behind the secondary, and can run under any ball thrown. Wright could be a Victor Cruz like receiver, he can run the inside routes, but he can be a deep threat at any point, and out of any set. Wright finished last season with 108 catches for 1,663 yards, and 14 touchdowns. That is impressive.

If the Jets are looking for a receiver a little later than the first or second round there are other good receivers out there. Nick Toon (6-2 215 lbs.) out of Wisconsin would be a good pick for the Jets, or Ryan Broyles (5-10 192 lbs.). I know Broyles tore his ACL during last season, but he had 83 catches for over 1,000 yds and 10 touchdowns before he went down. He will go in the third or fourth round for sure. If the Jets don't have a receiver after the second round and Broyles is available, they should take him with no hesitation.

I would like to see the Jets add some depth to their receiver core. Santonio Holmes, and tight end Dustin Keller will not be able to carry the load for the entire season, and Plaxico Burress is gone. Adding another target for Sanchez, and I keep saying Sanchez because he will be the starting QB in 2012, the Jets will be a real threat through the air, and that can open up the running game.

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